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Most Popular Ski Resorts in Turkey

Uludag is located 36 kilometers (22 miles) from Bursa and is one of the most popular ski resorts in Turkey. Although as winter travel destination under development, Uludag attracts the attention of people since ancient times, with its numerous examples of early Ottoman architecture and archaeological sites to be found in these parts. Uludag in ancient times it was, where according to legend, the gods watched the Trojan war.

The highest mountain in northwestern Turkey Kara Tepe, high 2543 meters (2781 yards), you can see all the way from Istanbul, 276 kilometers (171 miles) away. Uludag attracts tourists all year round thanks to its green forests, valuable historical monuments, thermal baths and modern accommodation. Ski season lasts five months, from December to April, and there are 13 ski runs of varying severity that are associated with 24 different lifts. The most popular activities for tourists are definitely skiing and hiking, and relaxing in the numerous spa centers.

For those who after all-day of winter sports, want to party, minibuses from Bursa to the top of the mountain you can catch an every hour. This very beautiful and attractive ski-center contains numerous bars, restaurants and shops.

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