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Buddhist Ajanta Caves in India

Ajanta caves are located near the old city of Aurangabad in India. These are 32 caves carved out of volcanic rocks, some of which are from 2nd century AD. Artisans had only a chisel and a hammer painstakingly carved stone little by little, thus creating some of the best masterpieces of Buddhist art in India [...]

Perfect Places for Romantic Marriage Proposal

1. Snowshill - England In this small, historic town in England, bright colors and wonderful smells, there is the famous Snowshill Lavender Farm, the perfect place for a romantic proposal.

GOA - Exotic and Peaceful Place

Goa is much more than a party destination… with 100 miles of sandy beaches washed by waves of the Arabian Sea, providing a perfect sense of freedom… The word that best describes the Goa “Santa” - which means peace. Philosophy of life in Goa is slowly and without haste. Goa is a former Portuguese colony, [...]

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