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Perfect Places for Romantic Marriage Proposal

1. Snowshill - England

In this small, historic town in England, bright colors and wonderful smells, there is the famous Snowshill Lavender Farm, the perfect place for a romantic proposal.

2. The Great Barrier Reef - Australia

Infected with colorful coral and fish, the coral reef off the coast of Queensland is the perfect place for a marriage proposal under water. The right place for a couples who loves the excitements!

3. Pitons - St. Lucia

Wondrous volcanic peaks known as the Pitons (on the Caribbean) coming out of the sea 900m in height are still a great place to take your future spouse.

4. Sahara - Morocco

Romantic desert safari in the heart of the Sahara will certainly help with marriage proposal.

5. Antarctic

What could be more romantic marriage proposal of a loved one at the end of the world?

6. Iguazu Falls - Argentina

You will need to make an effort good to hear your partner’s response to because of noisy waterfall, but this is without a doubt the perfect place for that special day.

7. Rialto Bridge - Italy

Rialto Bridge is the oldest bridge that stretches across the Grand Canal in Venice. Gondolas on the turquoise blue water under the bridge and the smell of fresh pasta in the air - is up to you to kneel down on your knees and ask a question.

8. Roseberry Topping - England

Recognizable mountain in North Yorkshire in the shape of a cone, Rouzberi offers a spectacular view of where your loved one is likely to pronounce the fateful “yes.”

9. Lewa Downs - Kenya

Prince William is in this exotic wildlife sanctuary in northern Kenya proposed to Kate Middleton last year, which makes this place extra attractive destination for proposal.

10. Taj Mahal - India

It was built by shah Jahan, ruler of the Mughal Empire, for his third wife who is buried there. This tomb is a unique demonstration of love and the perfect place to propose to someone special.

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