City That Has a Soul

Barcelona is the capital of the province of Catalonia and the second largest city in Spain, one of the main ports of the Mediterranean. The city with its own language, history and character. The city that you can visit for weeks, to enjoy its sandy beaches and mountains. Located on the shores of the Mediterranean, in a valley that is surrounded by the sea on the east, the mountains of Sierra de Koljserola on the west, Ljobregat River in the south and the river Besos on the north.

Barcelona is a city that has a soul. She is special, unique and recognizable thanks mainly to the Sagrada Familia, the unfinished part of the fascinating and famous Spanish architect Antoni Gaudi, Park Guell then - the place where the famous architect lived the last 20 years of his life. One of the most attractive places is Las Ramblas, a street that will blow your mind, and is located between port and the Catalonia square.

Barcelona is characterized by a Mediterranean climate with long, bright and sunny summers and wet and mild winters. One of the most beautiful travel destinations in Europe. City of Arts, fiery football fan and music. Barcelona is characterized by a number of beautiful beaches, cathedrals, museums, aquariums and historic centers. City that lives 24 hours, the city where outs begin at 7 pm and last until 7 in the morning in one of the famous discos such as “Cotillon de Nochevieja”, “Benidorm”, “Apollo Club.” Try the Spanish national dishes such as paella, tapas or the famous tortilla, which is served with all meals at the restaurant “Per Cal.”

Attractions to visit:

Sagrada Famillia - unfinished Catholic basilica, the symbol of Barcelona.
Camp Nou - the most famous football and Europe’s largest stadium, which can accommodate 98,600 spectators.
La Terrrazza - Experience the real clubbing experience.
Picasso Museum - the most visited museum in Barcelona.
La Boqueria - a perfect destination for shopping lovers.

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