Colorful City of Fun

The Canadian city of St. Johns with its colorfully painted houses, trying to defy the harsh climate that prevails on the island of Newfoundland. This is the oldest city founded by the English in North America. Because streets located in the hills, many compared it to San Francisco. Here you can create a very beautiful and colorful travel photos.

In this very unusual travel destination on the Atlantic coast, there are many museums, galleries and parks. The colorful houses of the city center are located souvenir shops, restaurants and cafes. Here is the oldest street in North America, Water Street, which is now the center of the social life of this travel destination.

By offering nightlife, Water Street rivals George Street. This street, which now runs through only two district, has the largest number of cafes, pubs and restaurants per square meter in all of North America! The street is known for the fact that it bars the door shut after lots other cafes in other Canadian cities.

Nightlife begins after midnight and usually lasts till breakfast at one of the fast food restaurants that are open 24 hours. At the beginning of every August on George Street held a six-day festival, which gathered over 120,000 people which is why some consider to be the largest North American festival!

A place that most tourists who travel to St. Johns visit is the hill above the city, Signal Hill. Given the good strategic position overlooking the bay at this hill from 17th century defensive fortifications are located. Here took place the final battle of the Seven Years War, when the French lost and surrendered to the British. Since 17 century up to 1960. between the hills and the sea communicated with signal flags by which the hill gained its name. Here is received the first transatlantic wireless transmission from Great Britain in Morse code.

St. Johns is witnessing a very interesting phenomenon. Indescribably strong and sudden tide seemed to suddenly come to life in the Gulf Fundys and headed toward the narrow strait which instills calm St. Johns River. When one of the strongest tides in the world goes to the Straits, fully obeyed the river that starts flowing backwards. Travel agencies organize the observation of this phenomenon from the ship, which must be traveled only to a designated point and no further, because the sudden difference in the water level can be larger than three meters.

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