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Madeira - Perfect Romantic Island

Madeira is a group of islands in the Atlantic Ocean, and the autonomous region of Portugal. This island discovered by the Portuguese, and immediately settled in 1418. Because of the very favorable natural characteristics that govern the island, the population is growing constantly. And what has attracted a great number of them, was the unique [...]

Disneyland - Land of Dreams

Back in the 1955. Los Angeles has become richer for “small” empire childrens pleasures - Disneyland. Welch’s appearance in no way be compared with those of today, but still caused an unbelievable attention to both youngsters and adults who are deep in their hearts feel like princes and princesses. Those who have visited riverlet you [...]

Meteora Monasteries

Incredible stone tower of the monastery Meteora or “hanging rock” were created by dragging the sea 30 million years ago. The first religious objects appear 985th , when one of the many caves inhabited by a monk named Varnava. 1382. The monk Svetogorsk Atanasios before retreating Turks coming out of the Thessaly and was fascinated by [...]

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