Monasteries Meteors

Incredible stone tower of the monastery Meteors or “hanging rock” were created by dragging the sea 30 million years ago. The first religious objects appear 985th , when one of the many caves inhabited by a monk named Varnava. 1382. The monk Svetogorsk Atanasios before retreating Turks coming out of the Thessaly and was fascinated by the beauty of rocks raised towards the sky. Quickly established the first monastery of great targets at a height of 623 meters, highest entire monastery complex. The great secret and unknown to the first monks climbed to that altitude and began to build a monastery. Shortly after the construction of the first monasteries were built and others, which was a total of 23rd By the nineteenth century, only 6 remain as it still does today. Besides the above mentioned there are still there: Varlaam, Agios Nikolaos, Rousanou, Agia Triada, Agios Stefanos. In the past, to the monastery could arrive only in a network that is lowered and raised with a winch.

During 1920 years, during the restoration of the monasteries were carved staircase to monasteries have become more accessible and easier material is conveyed them. Today, the monastic brotherhood increased and many visitors will have access to a limited part of the monastery complex. Tickets to monasteries charge of the Greek National Tourism Organization and the contribution may be left at the entrance to the monastery. Below the monastery is a place of Kalambaka, where visitors who decide to keep the shelter can be found, many tavernas and souvenir shops. In recent years, this area is increasingly visited by a large number of free-climber.


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