Abu Dhabi - Dubai

Abu Dhabi is one of the richest cities in the world to the fascinating beauty and refinement intentioned customer buys for all time at the first meeting. What will you knock down the glamor of the hotel “Emirates Palace” and its 7 *. “Al Zayed Mosque” is not the biggest but the most expensive ever built in the world. White marble from 28 countries, chandeliers made of gold and crystal, the largest carpet … Enchanting is the “Ferrari World”, the largest indoor theme park with the world’s fastest rolerkosterom … Abu Dhabi are fascinating sand beach, a heavenly view, unreal green on the desert sand and a million other experiences adventures with sign.

The man usually can not see what you can imagine, except in Dubai, where she sees it - is unthinkable. Dubai offers a fascinating mix of contrasts modern city and timeless desert, East and West, ancient and modern. Combines the comfort and convenience of the western world with the charm and hospitality of the Arab. While most of the preparation for the future, Dubai in the future but lives …. What makes the city of Dubai 21st century is its architecture rich variety of styles ranging from traditional to futuristic Arab buildings which delves into the world of fantasy. With shopping malls, bustling and noisy bazaars, Dubai is a tourist oasis in the desert. Paradise for people who like to go shopping.

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