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Ice Hotel in Canada

This kind of hotel is designed for all the lovers of unique, unusual and unforgettable experience that once in a lifetime experience. Although the hotel is “a lot” cooler than the other, no doubt you’ll be able to warm up with your loved one. These hotels are full of ice, are works of art, and many have special suites for just married couples. Located just 10 minutes from downtown Quebec, grand hotels of the glass is a major attraction and a unique experience to those who have the opportunity to stay in it. Such a hotel is fascinating as the unusual occurrence, and its fascinating design and long corridors surrounded by walls with relief, simply breathtaking.

Hotel de Glace rises like a real palace in the middle of the icy expanses and a special charm lies in the fact that every year enlivens and refresh the look of the hotel. For this challenging job to hire the best team of artists, masters of their craft. The hotel is fully functional, and although all of the ice, and even bedrooms and beds, guests are fitted with all the necessary things to make the opportunity to enjoy a nice and a pleasant atmosphere.

The combination of amazing colors decorated bedrooms, a large living room, dining room, hallways ice, ice bar and restaurant, church - everything that is in the hotel. Also, visitors can relax in a nightclub, with a projection of cinema, indoor and outdoor hot tubs, ideal for relaxation, massage, or hydrotherapy.

In addition to sleeping rooms, guests can enjoy a large living room, dining room, spacious aisles ice and ice bar, which decorates a multitude of different colored bulbs that this whole winter wonderland make idyll. In the period from January to March is open to all who want to be part of this magical universe.

Such a hotel to everyone who had the chance to visit a truly memorable “ice experience” that will long be remembered.

This hotel was truly an unforgettable “ice experience” all who had the opportunity to visit and travel photos will always be there to re-awaken the emotions of this amazing journey.

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