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Sousse - Memorable Destination

Ancient Phoenician city named Hadrumet, and today bears the name “Pearl of the Sahel” region of olive groves. The third largest city in Tunisia and famous tourist center. Sousse is located 140 km south of Tunis. Sousse is the administrative center, the main fishing port, weaving center, a major producer of olive oil. What characterizes this city is to offer quality accommodation, long sandy beaches, the possibility of practicing water sports and festival celebrations.

Sousse is a city where the famous Carthaginian military leader Hannibal landed with his army after the military campaign in Rome. At the crossroads of important trade routes, Sousse has always been a well-defended from invaders, and today the city is dominated by a huge fortress - Medina, with high towers from the 13th century and is a labyrinth of narrow streets, where a residential neighborhood with the windows behind the grille of wrought iron gates of the palm trees, intertwined with souks, the shopping street full of multicolored traditional costumes, flashy storefront jewelers, perfumes and fragrances of oriental spices.

Sousse provides an opportunity for tourists to get to the stores of traditional and modern shopping centers, cafes and casinos in Las Vegas style, rest and have a good time. Aqua park most delighting younger visitors. In addition to traditional buying leather goods, jewelry, spices, do not miss the traditional Tunisian dishes that are very original and unique. Vegetables, fruit, fish, meat, everything ends with a good Tunisian wine. So enjoy the delights of Tunisia provides.

Most attention in the city certainly attracts old Medina, al Fata tower Khalet the City Museum with a large collection of excavated area El Djem. Great Mosque is certainly the most interesting, built as a fortress in the 9th century, always do travel photos from this place. The city offers visitors the opportunity of shopping for its numerous stalls and numerous craft shops. What you will usually have to meet store leather goods, gold, silver and handmade carpets.

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