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Las Vegas - Fun For All

Las Vegas - the glamorous, unique, grandiose … The largest city of the state Nevada, with over two million inhabitants, is considered the world’s biggest gambling center industry. Tolerance of the various types and forms of adult entertainment earned him the nickname Sin City and made it a popular travel destination. On one part of the Mojave Desert, is now a city that is visited more than 12 million visitors! Las Vegas, the city of non-stop entertainment, was founded in 1905 and received the title of city in 1911. As a gambler’s haven became known years later, in 1946.

The bright lights of all colors that adorn the massive buildings and casinos of the city can be seen from an aircraft. Because of its content - from fine restaurants, shopping, the most prestigious world-renowned brands, most exclusive and amazing hotels to exciting entertainment and nightlife, Vegas is a major travel destination in the world.

In Las Vegas, there are several museums: the Museum of Neon where they historically exhibited signs of old machines and casinos, Mob Museum - National Museum of Organized Crime and Law Enforcement, the Las Vegas Natural History Museum with dinosaur exhibits and marine life…

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