Koh Lanta - Island For Divers And For Romantic People

Beautiful landscapes, dream beach, seafood, festivals, adventure through the jungle… Perfect island on the southern coast of Thailand, 70 km south of Krabi. Island whose beaches are facing west, with magical sunsets and incredible green jungles. Island that people always come back. The place where it was consistently around 30 degrees.

Koh Lanta is best exotic travel. Island for diving and is in the top ten world destinations for diving. Old Town, a place where life seems the same as the last couple of hundred years. Rent a jeep or bike and go on an unforgettable adventure, explore the beaches, rivers, caves, waterfalls. Discover coconut palm plantation and see how gypsies fishermen removed their nets out of the sea as well as centuries ago.

This exotic travel destination lures tourists from all over the world to its pearly white beaches and crystal clear water. Koh Lanta has about 20,000 residents who make their living in tourism, fishing, agriculture and shrimp farming. Koh Lanta is the cradle of Buddhist Tai-Chinese, Muslims and Gypsies. With this mixture of people, Koh Lanta always celebrating something, whether it is part of the Buddhist, Chinese or Thai-Islamic tradition.

Be sure to visit:

The Setting Adrift of the Chao Ley Boats - Unusual Gypsy festival during which religious rite performed by singing and dancing to all the participants brought good luck in the new season.

Cave Khao Mai Kaew - truly impressive experience, in some areas as high as in some churches will have to crawl through the crawling on hands and knees.

Marine National Park - Tropical nature, sand trails, rich flora and fauna. You’ll see a great beacon which is also the symbol of the island.

Gypsy Village - Worth experience. Gypsies retain their language, traditions, ceremonies and customs.

Restaurants - Try the taste of authentic Thai food.

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