Florence - Renaissance city

Florence is a city in central Italy on the River Arno and the capital of the province of Florence and Tuscany with 366,488 inhabitants. Because of their cultural and artistic significance Florence called “Italian Athens”. The Romans founded a small fort in the first century BC and named Florentia (flower). Soon, the city has grown here for the forums, spas and amphitheater. The 14-player and 15-st century city prospered and emerged as a center of European culture and arts. Many artists and learned men of the Renaissance lived and worked in Florence: Donatello, Boticelli, Michelangelo, Makjaveli, Leonardo da Vinci, Galileo Galilei. Wealthy Medici family in the 15-player and 16-st century gained great power.

Florence is a travel destination that has a wide selection of restaurants, clubs, bars which will long be remembered.

Before you step into the largest open-air museum, you pass over one of the bridges over the River Arno, which is different from all others - Ponte Vechio. Windows you’ll notice on it prompts you to ask yourself whether you really going to someone’s life right there on the bridge, behind the green blinds? After crossing the bridge you will have the privilege to get lost in the myriad of narrow streets.

And when you think you’re all just the most beautiful view of Florence, lift your head high and look upward. In front of you is the Duomo cathedral. She manages Florence. She never headed from close will not be able to capture, but if you climb on it, Florence will be on hand, tucked under the red roofs. Whether you choose to spend your time sipping on Capucine majestic squares of Florence, consuming the best ice cream in Italy, visiting museums or palaces noble families of Florence, you will understand why they call Florence Capital of Tuscany.

Florence is the best tourist destination for all those who love to see museums, architecture and art in one place.


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