Istanbul - The Crossroads of Worlds

World history is one in Istanbul, Constantinople. The former capital of the Roman Empire, the Byzantine Empire and the Ottoman Empire, and boasts a treasure. The city with the most unusual geographic position. Big city and the only world that is built on two continents. City intersection worlds, today one of the leading travel destinations. Explore why … Maybe not the most beautiful city in the world, but surely one of the world’s strongest historical background. City located on the shores of the two continents, Europe and Asia. City lashed the mighty Bosphorus from the east bay waters from the north of the Golden Horn and the Marmara Sea to the south. At once a small village Vizantion sprouted new Rome that will take the name of Constantinople, later Constantinople, now Istanbul.

The former capital of the Roman Empire, the Byzantine Empire and the Ottoman Empire, preserved in slightly different culture, whose monuments fit perfectly into the modern look of the city.

Place overlapping myths of Christianity and Islam, the collision of different civilizations and centuries of conquest the goal of many great military leader … In Istanbul, you will hear stories which you will remember for a long time … Although no longer the capital, Istanbul is the cosmopolitan heart of Turkey and its financial center and most populous city. Go around Istanbul, experience the culture and history whose traces are visible all over the city. See monuments, stadiums, squares, neighborhoods, markets that best illustrate this city travel destination.

Blue Mosque - one of the largest mosques in Istanbul.
Church of Hagia Sophia - the largest cathedral, thousands of years old, has been converted into a mosque and now a museum with exhibits.
Topkapi Palace - the Palace of the Sultan, the historical center of the city.
Spice bazaar - All Turkish and other spices can found in this bazaar. Experience a variety of colors, tastes and smells of Turkey.
Bosphorus Cruise - Experience in the right way all the magnificence of the city and the sights that hidden streets.

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