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San Sebastian - Perfect Place

In the north of Spain near the border with France lies one of the most popular Spanish travel destinations, a real tourist paradise, the city of San Sebastian. City on the River Urumea, not great, but his every neighborhood worth visiting and exploring. Everywhere, a perfect harmony prevails between traditional and modern. The old part [...]

Istanbul - The Crossroads of Worlds

World history is one in Istanbul, Constantinople. The former capital of the Roman Empire, the Byzantine Empire and the Ottoman Empire, and boasts a treasure. The city with the most unusual geographic position. Big city and the only world that is built on two continents. City intersection worlds, today one of the leading travel destinations. [...]

Florence - Renaissance city

Florence is a city in central Italy on the River Arno and the capital of the province of Florence and Tuscany with 366,488 inhabitants. Because of their cultural and artistic significance Florence called “Italian Athens”. The Romans founded a small fort in the first century BC and named Florentia (flower). Soon, the city has grown [...]

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