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San Sebastian - Perfect Place

In the north of Spain near the border with France lies one of the most popular Spanish travel destinations, a real tourist paradise, the city of San Sebastian. City on the River Urumea, not great, but his every neighborhood worth visiting and exploring. Everywhere, a perfect harmony prevails between traditional and modern.

The old part of town, Parte Vieja, the charming center is full of narrow bustling streets where you will find numerous restaurants and tapas bars are always well attended by the local population. The old city until 1863. he was surrounded by walls, demolished in the urban sprawl. The walls can be seen today near the port and on them are the old city gates Portaletas.

Today, under the very center of this travel destination is considered Constitution Square, is known for its many balconies on the buildings from the Middle Ages, when they were in the square held bullfights. Visitors to the bullfights in the past have taken to rent rooms with balconies in order to have a better view of the battle.

San Sebastian has numerous promenades and three beautiful beaches of which the most popular beach of La Concha. Spectacular sandy beach La Concha by some of Spain’s best town beach, if not the best city beaches in Europe. She is full of life and amenities and a wide variety of day and night. During the summer in this travel destination are organizing numerous festivals and outdoor concerts. This is the best time to visit the city, nights are pleasant, and the days are warm.

La Concha Beach is located in the bay, protected from the wind magnificent steep cliffs. Will certainly delight you look at the golden sands and warm waters in a long bay. In the Gulf, off the coast is the picturesque island of Santa Clara, where at the time of tide creates a gorgeous beach. To the island can be reached by boat, and many locals do it and swim.

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