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Phi Phi - Real Paradise

Adventure Paradise Island. Fine white sandy beaches, beautiful cliffs that rise from the turquoise waters that surround the islands will instantly confirm you’ve arrived in paradise.

Phi Phi is primarily a place to enjoy nature. Surrounded by turquoise blue water is a paradise for divers. During the day, the ocean offers countless activities and entertainment. Excursions, diving courses, breakfast on the beach, local tours by boat around the island, climbing rocks, jumping from them, swimming, fishing … are just some of the ways to use the time wisely on this island. Rock climbing they gave themselves and unforgettable views you will be able to see the local sharks.

What’s so great and good as Phi Phi a true gem for tourists? This is a travel destination that will captivate people of all different flavors. The best beach on the island is undoubtedly Maya Bay.

Phi Phi offers amazing water sports including diving, swimming, boating, kayaking. The island is relatively untouched and visitors can enjoy all that it offers. Renting equipment and drop into the sea, meet lots of beautiful fish and coral, visit the magical reefs, underwater rocks and beware of sharks. Dinner on the beach under the stars is one of the ideal way to end a day full of adventure. Try the delicious spicy dishes and cocktails and fruit juices.

Monkey Beach - beach apes is something you must see while on the island.
Fireshow - experience the atmosphere on the beach with amazing performances with fire.
Tsunami Memorial Garden - a place honors victims of the recent tragedy.
Viewpoint - walk to this point and make a note incredible view of pearl beaches and the whole island.
Bamboo Island - visit the island bamboo.

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