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Nikki Beach - The Best Entertainment

Nikki Beach is unsurpassed beach club concept in which the ever-present fashion, music, entertainment, prestige and undisputed reputation as “the sexiest place on earth”. Here you will find a unique blend of people from all over the world who enjoy sunny afternoons and endless nights. Nikki Beach, world famous for its surreal beauty of the environment, is one of the few places where they drink champagne and cocktails at noon, accompanied by contemporary melodies and moods of joy. This can be the best travel destinations if you like good quality entertainment.

Designed in a simplified elegance, all subjects containing the same elements that bring nature into a luxurious lifestyle. Furniture from natural forests of Vietnam, scattered pillows made of organic fabrics, free undulation of white linen curtains, beds & canopy are the elements that make this place unrepeatable.

Nikki Beach concept has evolved into a lifestyle, which with the help of strong marketing organizes special events, theme nights every day, VIP card offering their loyal customers, has a fashion line of clothing which was presented for the first time the 2009th year at the Cannes Film Festival, a chain of hotels and resorts. Exists for more than ten different locations around the world such as Miami, St.. Tropez in France, Marbella, Mexico, Morocco, Thailand, Dominican Republic, Las Vegas and others…

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