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Sucre - Beautiful Place in Bolivia

A city with four names, Sucre, Charcas, La Plata and Ciudad Blanca, in the 16th century are founded by the Spanish colonizers. Today, the Sucre, one of the most ces in Bolivia. This travel destination is a real window through time in which you can see the way of life of of Spanish aristocracy of the time. White City is located in the southern central part of Bolivia.

Sucre is the center of the Catholic Church in Bolivia, and here are not a rare sight of priests in their traditional costumes. The city is also home to Bolivia’s Supreme Court. University of Sucre is one of the oldest in the New World. The city center is filled with well-preserved buildings from the 18th and 19 century, which Sucre attracts many tourists every year.

The most famous building in Sucre is the Casa de la Libertad, the house in which was signed the Declaration of Independence of Bolivia 1825 .. Today this house is a museum, and is located on the main square of Plaza 25 de Mayo. Sucre lies at an altitude of 2750 meters. Because of the temperate climate This city was loved by the Spanish aristocracy, and the proof of that is Glorieta Castle.

In the city it is possible to buy hand-made tapestries and various fabrics, the colors and the symbols that belong to a family that made them. Sucre is also known for its local chocolate which you can buy in the main square.

Sucre lies in a valley at the foot of two hills and a great place from which you can explore the many small villages in the area dating from the colonial era. Tarabuco are the most famous village. It is known for big festival in which all the inhabitants of the village and surrounding areas dress up in traditional costumes and gather its place in the parade followed by a big party.

Sucre   Beautiful Place in Bolivia

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