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Country Rich With Natural Beauty

This beautiful country, extending to the north of the European continent. 61.1% of the territory is mountainous, 4.8% are lakes and rivers, 1.4 eternal snow and ice, and 21.3% of the territory is covered by forests. The coast of Norway is furrowed narrow firth called fjords. They form a natural harbor protected from the weather. Although the the far north, coastal Norway has a fairly mild climate thanks to the Gulf Stream. In this travel destination from 4.3 million inhabitants, 50% live in cities.

Fjords, which are spread along the coast and the mountains and forests give Norway a unique color. Fjords travels with waterfalls and small fishing villages are the best thing that can be experienced in Norway. Thousands of unpolluted rivers and lakes provide excellent opportunities for fishing and pleasure in the wildest regions of Europe.

The capital city of Norway is Oslo. Oslo is a modern Norwegian capital where there are about 1 million inhabitants. A cultural and political center of Norway and one of the most beautiful cities in northern Europe. The city was founded by the Vikings in the 9th century, and its development experiences in the 18th century. It is located in the namesake fjord over 100 miles long and ends in the Gulf of the Baltic Sea, Skagerrak. By frequent car ferry lines, the city is well connected with Denmark.

During the stay in this great city and great travel destination, you should visit: Akershus castle and fortress, the Norwegian National Museum, the City Hall where the Nobel Prizes are awarded, the Royal Palace which houses the residence of the Norwegian Royal Family, Cathedral, Vigeland Park, the Museum of Viking Ships…

Country Rich With Natural Beauty

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