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Ski Resort - Madonna di Campiglio

Madonna di Campiglio is a village very nicely arranged, with the pedestrian part in the center, where the rule is “see and be seen”. It is situated in the valley of the Rendeda 5000 feet above sea level, below the massive peaks Adamelo Brenta nature park in the area of Trentino, and most trails are located at 8500 feet. 57 lifts are perfectly connected, so that you can start from the center, cross tens of kilometers without removing skis. This is a paradise for intermediate skiers, as the most developed red tracks. There are 13 tracks of red, 16 blue (for beginners) and 5 black (for experts only). From 93 miles of tracks, the most famous is “three thirds” on which is driving the race of the World Cup giant slalom. Fifteen miles of tracks intended for cross-country skiing (two tracks are illuminated), and there is also park for snowboarding.

Here is a very popular night life, because there are plenty of bars, cafes, restaurants and bars, which you must visit. Do not be surprised if after a day of skiing on a beautiful sunny tracks, you go to night out you meet some of the celebrities. Cappuccino in a typical Italian cafes is not too expensive, but the taste is unforgettable. Northern Italian region of Trentino is famous for offering a wide choice of entertainment Apres-ski (after skiing). Who prefers a family atmosphere will find it in Pinzolo or Andalu. Valli di Sole (Sunshine Valley), which ski slopes associated with this travel destination, offering many winter of content for everyone. If you decide to take a break from a day of skiing, you will probably recommend a walk through Trento. Be sure to look at the beautifully decorated facades of Renaissance palaces in Via Belenzani. There is also a cathedral built in the 11th and 12 century, with lavish frescoes.

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