Lake Como vs. Lake Garda

Whatever the time of year, the Italian Lakes are a popular haunt, particularly during the summer months where temperatures reach their peak and the lakes look particularly enticing. Although the lake may not be quite as well known as the neighbouring Lake Garda, Lake Como holidays continue to be a popular choice for visitors all over the world. If you’re pining for a little opulence, exuberance and ultimately, relaxation, Lake Como is the place to go.

It’s not unheard of to bump into A List celebrities during your stay in a Lake Como resort – after all, famous names including George Clooney, Madonna and Virgin entrepreneur, Richard Branson, all own villas here.

Famous for its beautiful gardens and villas, Lake Como offers plenty of villages to explore, and gentle walks to enjoy, including Villa Melzi d’Ezril in Bellagio – a stunning villa holding sculptures and a Japanese garden.

Oozing elegance and sophistication, Lake Como offers her visitors a taste of the high life and as such, can be a little pricier. Meanwhile, Lake Garda holidays are incredibly popular, and as such, tourists are rife. During the summer months, it can get incredibly busy with visitors, so if you’re looking for tranquillity, Lake Garda may not be the place for you.

The town of Sirmione is particularly tourist-friendly, with Scaligero Castle and the ruins of Grotte de Catullo being popular attractions. However, if you want to explore more of the landscape, there are boat trips from Sirmione that take you to unspoilt trails, perfect for hiking and mountain biking outings.

Both Lake Como and Lake Garda are incredibly spectacular lakes; each offering personal touches that will add to your holiday requirements. If you’re hoping to experience the great outdoors, including plenty of activities, head for Lake Garda. If you’ve a hankering for relaxation, Lake Como is the one for you.

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