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Verona - City of Eternal Love

In northern Italy, is located a city full of history, art heritage, and world famous opera fairs, one of the most powerful cities during the Roman era. City the world known for Shakespeare’s tragedy of Romeo Montego and Juliet Capulets, who sacrificed his love for life and became a symbol of tragic, but eternal love. And anyone who has once felt the romance no doubt know that this is Verona - city of eternal love.

Millions of tourists from all over the world come to this beautiful travel destination to pay respects eternal lovers and their love. Juliet’s house with the famous balcony located in the heart of Verona, there is a board with the famous Shakespearean verse, and is located below the balcony of Juliet’s bronze statue. Many romantics just come to this place to make a love wish, because by believing girls should not touch Juliet’s right hand and wish love, and the young man right-bronze breast that wish came true. Bronze glaze both sides of the body Julia witnessed the popularity of the legend. In the courtyard of Juliet’s house is a wall full of pieces of paper and romantic messages for decades leaving couples in love.

Verona is really a beautiful old city on the coast of the river. This romantic city is full of beauty and art. During the stay in Verona, be sure to visit Fountain of Truth, a monument to Dante, Pillar of Shame, a number of churches including the Santa Maria antiques.

Verona in a unique way combines the spirit of the past and modern times, so that in any time of the visit certainly will not be a mistake. In this travel destination of love, everyone will feel comfortable and welcome.

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