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Beautiful Prague

Located in Eastern Europe, Prague is also one of the most popular destinations for honeymoon. If you prefer an urban environment and you are a fan of art, then it’s the right choice for you capital of the Czech Republic. Prague is at the same time modern and historical city, ideal for couples in love.

This city offers year-round festivals and events of interest, so if you are coming to Prague in early September you can attend the Autumn International Festival of classical music. In early May, the Prague Folklore Festival is held and is a real artistic blend of music, dance, traditional costumes and legends. Some says that Prague is one of the best exotic travel desetination on the world.

In restaurants you must try traditional Czech beer and local cuisine. The real attractions of the city are: Charles Bridge (the oldest preserved Prague bridge erected by King Charles IV, the 1357. year), St. Vitus Cathedral (the largest and most important church in the country) and Hradcany castle. Visitors say that the most beautiful Prague at night, under the lights of the golden city.

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