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Madeira - Perfect Romantic Island

Madeira is a group of islands in the Atlantic Ocean, and the autonomous region of Portugal. This island discovered by the Portuguese, and immediately settled in 1418. Because of the very favorable natural characteristics that govern the island, the population is growing constantly. And what has attracted a great number of them, was the unique beauty of Madeira and its whole environment. Short streams cut gorges and flow into the sea, laurel forests are preserved and 1999. was registered to the UNESCO World Heritage List.

The period from May to October is the right time to visit Madeira, where the warm water that laps the shore of this island, there are more than twenty species of dolphins. Madeira is a Portuguese island of eternal spring, in what tourists at the first step, assure scents of exotic flowers of all colors and types. The combination of green preserved forests and incredible blue color of the sea, make the landscape unique.

Madeira is the ideal place for a vacation all year long. The climate is subtropical and temperature fluctuations are small, so the summer average 23 C and 16 C in winter This volcanic island is a popular travel destination and an ideal place for a holiday. Sandy beaches are rare on the island of Madeira, while the beach covered with black volcanic sand and gravel are the real attraction.

The beaches that are distinguished by their beauty and uniqueness are:

- Porto Santo: a length of 9 km there are several small beaches covered in golden sand. What makes this different from other beach is amazing paint sand.
- Ribeira Brava in the area of beach covered with black sand, and warm water is ideal for swimming in the ocean. The coast is protected from large waves, making this the perfect place for swimming.
- Garden by the sea (Jardim do Mar): In this town, there are three main beaches, which are known as the International Competition held them in the surf. These beaches are considered surfer paradise.
- Formosa Beach: This beach is located in the capital of Madeira, Funchal. Sandy beaches are small. Formosa Beach is known as probably one of the few beaches in the world of day care for children aged 2 to 12 years.

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