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Best Marriage Proposal

If you are planning a romantic trip this is a destination that should not be missed. For all romantic lovers, maybe this is a perfect place where you can pledge your eternal love! This beautiful tunnel, known as the Tunnel of Love, this travel destination is located near the village of Kleven, Ukraine. It used to be in this place was an ordinary railway, but eventually it is the nature of made a most romantic place in the world.

Because of the frequent traffic of trains wild trees created a tunnel nearly a mile in length. The tunnel is completely enveloped by branches that barely breaks the light is a miracle of nature. This is the perfect place if you want the perfect romantic travel photos. This beautiful place in winter does not lose its beauty and romance.

Tunnel of love is very popular among the romantics and couples in love. There is a belief that if two of faithful and sincere in their love go through the entire tunnel holding hands that they will be fulfilled wishes. This is travel destination in which you have nothing to lose, apart from gorgeous natural beauty that will surely fascinate you, and your wishes may come true!

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