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Caribbean Sapphire

Aruba is a small island country which is located 30 km from Venezuela. During the first encounter with this travel destination you will feel the wind carries the sound of music from the coast, washed by the warm Caribbean waters. Watching the sun set in the warm tropical nights while you are intoxicated by the scent and sweet taste in the mouth air, an experience that will never fade from my memory. Natural beauty and enjoyment of pleasures of life are certainly fundamental memories that are associated with this exotic destination in the Caribbean Sea.

Beautiful beach in Aruba is something that really needs to experience, because they are among the most beautiful in the Caribbean. Beaches such as Palm Beach, Eagle Beach or Baby Beach where you’ll meet most families with children, it is rightly regarded as one of the most beautiful beaches for family holidays, hardly for its beauty and quality can be compared with other beaches. Also, you can there by boat, for about five minutes, get to De Palm Island, where you can enjoy the holiday of your dreams, with loungers taut between palms and exotic cocktails. According to legend of the local population, every grain of sand in Aruba belongs to sand dwarf, who to treat it with a lot of care and love, so they are such beautiful beaches.

The special attraction of this island is a Natural Bridge, a work of nature that became with the infliences of wave forces, aided with wind and the flow of time. The bridge is 10 meters high and 30 meters long. Also, it’s certainly worth to visit Fontein caves. In their depths you can enjoy in cave drawings and learn about the life and history of the tribe Arawak, natives of this island. Another natural phenomenon, in which the residents of Aruba is especially proud is the Divi Divi tree, which it’s growth is influenced by the in northeastern wind sways in the southwest.

The capital of Aruba, Oranjestad, makes an interesting mix of modern, western spirit and traditions of the local population. Another name for this city is the capital of a thousand colors.

The beaches of the finest white sand, warm Caribbean waters, tropical vegetation and palm trees offering shade to the beautiful beaches and very hospitable residents of Aruba is the best recommendation for visit to this small island and all of the things it offers. A really offers a lot and you will not regret it if you set sail in the direction of its shores.

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