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The Exotic City of Tallinn

Tallinn is the capital of Estonia, which, with its 400,000 inhabitants is one of the small capital. Because of its size, but also the fact that it is located on the edge of Europe, many would say that this city is not a very attractive tourist destination. Indeed, located 80 km east of Stockholm, as well as south of Helsinki, west of St. Petersburg, this small city is one of the easiest and best positioned negligible capital of Eastern Europe.

Although many would disagree with the use of the term “exotic travel” to describe the Northern city during most of the year with snow, Tallinn certainly deserves this epithet, if for no other reason, then because of the specific cuisine.

In fact, when you visit the city center, can recognize multiple actions within a picturesque town located in the house where you can buy a variety of culinary products such as venison sausage, jam and sweet berries of the forest, and organic beauty products-made in Estonia.

Also, at the entrance to the main square you will see the girls and boys dressed in medieval clothes. Although it first association with their appearance will be carnival or promotion of a product, you will soon undeceive by offering menus of restaurants that serves Olde Hansa medieval kitchen. Bear, elk, wild boar, eels, Nordic berries, mushrooms, beer and brandy are the real draw for tourists looking for new experiences. While the meat of wild animals may not be something that would attract just about everyone, local type of alcoholic drinks are more than worth tasting.

In addition to several well-known places in town where you can try a heavy, thick beer, for which preparation takes about six years of patience and a strong alcoholic drink, the most interesting alternative is to meet local people. Because, if you are lucky to know Estonian and Estonia’s, you can expect an invitation to spend the weekend with their parents in the countryside, where you can enjoy not only the food and drink, but you can teach yourself how to make homemade beer at home. One of the things that will quickly become obvious in Tallinn is the fact that Estonians possess exceptional hospitality and friendly attitude that will bring out everyone you stop on the street and ask for help with getting around town or advice where to go. Thanks to that, you will feel very comfortable and welcome in this city and turn your trip into an unforgettable experience.

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