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Brugge - City of the Dark Ages

Many considered Bruges the best preserved medieval city in the world, with authentic architecture. In the city center of this travel destination you will not see anything that suggests that he was from its inception a lot has changed. Adorned by cobbled and limited streets, and the architecture is almost equal within the city walls. Bruges has managed to resist the construction of any modern building in the period after the Second World War.

The main square in Bruges, Grote Markt, was once a major trading center. Medieval architecture of the square is dominated by the symbol of Bruges, Belfort bell tower of the 13th century, which still has 47 bells, while the opposite side of Provincial Hof op de Markt, the old district court.

Another important square, which was formerly a center of administration, is the Burg. There is a town hall, which with surrounding Gothic and Renaissance buildings and main square makes historic center protected by UNESCO.

Near it provides the opportunity to ride on beautiful canals. So you can see the city, bridges, parks, city towers and monasteries from a completely different perspective. The city can be viewed in one of the charming carriage, which will especially appreciate those who are romantic.

Highest city building is impressive Holy Virgin Cathedral in which there is statue of Madonna and Child, the only Michelangelo work during his life that is situated somewhere outside Italy. The bell tower of the church is the second tallest tower in the world built of brick.

Among the best museums stand out the City Museum, Diamond Museum and the Palace Gruuthuse. Bruges is a perfect place for those who enjoy the little things. Crazy nightlife or major theme parks this city does not have. On the other hand, numerous restaurants are a form of entertainment that this city is perfected. In addition, Bruges is just as romantic as Venice, and is ideal for couples in love.

Finally, when you are in this travel destination, be sure to try the famous Belgian chocolate with a high percentage of cocoa that will make you forget all the other chocolate.

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