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Pool of Crystal Clear Seawater

The largest pool in the world with 250 million gallons of water and cost more than 1 200 000 dollars. Here one can dive into a real marathon, because it is the largest outdoor pool in the world as big as 20 Olympic swimming pools. This is a unique travel destination with beautiful travel photos. huge lagoon is located on the Pacific coast of Chile in Algarobo, and has in it 250 million gallons of crystal clear seawater.

Two times larger than the next largest outdoor swimming pools, and also holds the Guinness record for the deepest pool in the world, so if you do not want to dive up to 35 meters deep, it is perhaps best to bring extra pair of glasses.

Swimming pool at this travel destination was opened in December 2006. year, nearly 5 years after the start of construction work, and spent more than 1 200 000 dollars.

Crystal Lagoon in numbers:

Capacity: 250 million gallons
Length: 1012 meters
Area 20 acres
Depth: to 35 meters
Temperature up to 26 degrees
Approximate value: more than 1 200 000 euros
Maintenance costs: about 2 400 000 euros
Construction time: about 5 years
Completed in December 2006.

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