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Gardaland, Verona - One Day Adventure

Gardaland is the largest and most entertaining park in Italy who is visited by three million visitors a year. Located on the shores of the picturesque Lake Garda, near Verona and Venice. Major attractions are four interesting rollercoasters and dolphinarium, and many other exciting features which will surely get your attention.

If you love adventure, then we recommend you run at least one, if not all rollercoasters that have very colorful names: Blue Tornado, Magic Mountain, Escape from Atlantis. Each ride is absolutely “weird” (in every sense), exciting and full of surprises.

Blue Tornado is the fastest ride in the park. Driving time was 1:42 minutes, and the speed is 80 kilometers per hour. Rail Trail is 765 meters long and 33 meters high. In some instances, the human body has a feeling that will touch the ground or hit the rails, but it is still impossible because the structure is made of solid steel and are all protected by a belt.

Magic Mountain is a typical “death train” which reaches a speed of 44 miles per hour and a height of 177 feet. Opened in 1985. and has been working non-stop. Length of rails is 3780 feet long. The ride lasts two minutes.

Sequoia Adventure is one of the four “Roller Coaster” at Gardaland in which achieved a speed of about 9.3 miles per hour. He is known for being at one time the human body hanging “upside down” and the heart begins to beat faster.

Space Vertigo is a ride that takes place at a height of forty feet. View from the top includes the ability to view the entire city and the lake Lago di Garda.

Colorado Boat is another in a series of aquatic adventures in this travel destination. The ride is designed for four people in a canoe.

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