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Meteora Monasteries

Incredible stone tower of the monastery Meteora or “hanging rock” were created by dragging the sea 30 million years ago. The first religious objects appear 985th , when one of the many caves inhabited by a monk named Varnava. 1382. The monk Svetogorsk Atanasios before retreating Turks coming out of the Thessaly and was fascinated by the beauty of rocks raised towards the sky. Quickly established the first...

Abu Dhabi - Dubai

Abu Dhabi Dubai is one of the richest cities in the world to the fascinating beauty and refinement intentioned customer buys for all time at the first meeting. What will you knock down the glamor of the hotel “Emirates Palace” and its 7 *. “Al Zayed Mosque” is not the biggest but the most expensive ever built in the world. White marble from 28 countries, chandeliers made of gold and crystal, the...

Maldives - Romantic Destinations

Maldives is one of the best honeymoon destination because it is far away and is full of romance. Mala is an exotic playground and paradise island located in the southwestern part of the Indian subcontinent and is the capital of the island Maldives . It seems to be about 1200 islands divided into small groups called atolls. Sandy beaches, coconut palms and coral rich ambience providing a real experience. The restaurants...

Beautiful Beach

Beautiful beach for you to rest and take very good time for you holiday.