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Magical Valentine’s Day at the Carnival in Venice

The famous carnival in Venice is already is runnig, this year the carnival is called “The most delicious festival in the world.” In addition to good fun and beautiful architecture, these days in Venice, you can see the most various masks that carnival fans wearing specially for this occasion. They can be made of leather, porcelain or glass, especially the popular ones that resemble masks that were once upon a time, during the plague, wore by doctors.

The festival was founded in 1162 in honor of the victory over Ulrich di Treveni. Its maintenance is prohibited in 1797 during the reign of the Austrian king. However, the carnival is organized sporadically until 1979 when it permanently inscribed in the official calendar. Part of the carnival atmosphere you can see in our gallery, but it is recommended that if you are able to wear a costume, put a mask and be sure to visit Venice these days because it is a unique and magical experience.

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