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The Most Unusual Vacation In The Bahamas That You Have Never Imagined

Bahamas have always been the top exotic destinations and dream destination for everyone. But few people know that in the 700 islands of the Bahamas there is one island that is definitely different from the others. This island does not exist anywhere else in the world, and it is not inhabited by people but with wild pigs! That’s why this island is called Pig Island or Pig Beach. The official name of the island is Big Major Cay and the entire island is home to about 20 pigs.

The exact truth about how the pigs came to the island is unknown. One story says that pigs are transported in a ship that is sinking and they swam to the island. Another story says that the sailors were left on the island and never came back for them. There are also stories where people say that the pigs were part of a special program to attract more tourists to the Bahamas - as the Bahamas are not popular enough.

Whatever the truth is, this pigs definitely enjoying life! Spend most of the day in the crystal clear water, walking on a sandy beach, and tourists and the local residents of the island regularly bring food to them. Pigs have been domesticated and the presence of the tourists is not a problem to them. They enjoy socializing and swimming with tourists. They even swim to the nearby boats for some food, and you can easily take pictures at a close range.

Despite the fact that the island is not inhabited by people, its unusual inhabitants have made this island very well known and very popular among tourists.

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