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Pink Beach - Real Paradise In The Bahamas


Are you getting bored of “standard” beach of white and yellow sand? We bring you the story of the pink beach, which is located on Harbour Island in the Bahamas.

The pink beaches are very rare and can be found in the fields near a very large formation of coral reefs that contain tiny organisms that have red skeleton. When they die, the skeletons fall to the bottom of the ocean and gradually reduced to small particles that are transmitted to shore by means of ocean currents where they are mixed with sand. The most beautiful specimens of pink beaches can be seen in the Bahamas, exactly on the beach Pink Sandy Beach, which, as its name dictates, covered in sand in beautiful pink shades.


As we mentioned above, this unusual color gifted her the microscopic animals known as foraminifera, which are characterized by red or pink scaly full of holes. In addition to being characterized by unusual color, these 3 miles (5 km) long beach is soft as the softest overlays and completely devoid of cigarette butts and other waste, because the hosts are making sure that their biggest tourist attraction remains impeccably preserved. Indeed, a true paradise for lovers of sand beaches who want something different!









Three Bees at Harbour Island, Bahamas


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