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The Glacier Skywalk - New Attraction in Canada’s Jasper National Park

Visitors to Jasper National Park in Canada now have the opportunity to actually walk in the clouds, as it opened a new observation platform which takes your breath away and allows visitors to walk hundreds of meters above the ground.

The largest national park in the Canadian part of Rockies got a new attraction that will surely delight visitors bringing them a dose of excitement into the magical natural environment. It is about observation platform symbolically called “The Glacier Skywalk”. An amazing platform, which is in the form of an arch deflection on the edge of a steep rock, is set at an altitude of 274 meters above the valley Sunvapta which flows the river of the same name.

The construction of the incredible Glacier Skywalk cost slightly more than $ 19 million! Visitors who dare to walk through this platform will have to tread on the glass floor below which shows the valley, while from all around provides a view of one of the most beautiful regions of Canada. In this adventure you need to set aside $ 24.95 for adults. Ticket price for children aged 6 to 16 years is $ 12.50, while younger than 6 years old are entitled to a free tour.

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