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Top 15 Amazing Photos of Sochi The Longest City in Europe

Sochi is in the literal sense of the word, the world wonder, because it is the longest city in Europe, covering an area of 145km (90 miles) along the coast of the Black Sea, of which 118km (73 miles) are sandy beaches. Sochi is a Russian city where unique atmosphere make fantastic mountain scenery, nearby clear rivers, gardens and parks with an abundance of forever green trees and boulevards filled with cypress, cedar, magnolia and eucalyptus as well as the exotic palm trees and cactus.

The city is situated close to the Caucasus, so from beach you can see the tops of the mountains continually covered with snow. It contains more than 300 hotels and sanatoriums, and annually in there is resting 4 million domestic and foreign tourists. Many of the hotels are in the highest category of the best known international chains. From this year in Sochi will be regularly drive a Formula 1 racing, and these days in Sochi will be held winter Olympics.

This city is due to its ideal location between the warm sea and high Caucasus mountains, in the summertime is a great summer house and in the winter is a great winter tourism center. When you drive through town you may notice a modern architecture, monuments, squares and a long Black Sea coast. In 2018 this city will host a couple of matches of the FIFA World Cup.

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