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Spectacular Festival Of Light

The largest and the capital city of Germany with 3.4 million inhabitants, the second largest European city after London. Once a symbol of the separation of the two political systems, but not only that, but two different worlds, the destruction of the Wall became a symbol of the merger of something that can not be connected - on the one hand, historical and artistic spirit expressed through the galleries, museums, architectural structures, and other modern city , full of clubs and bars that offers an unforgettable time. Tear down the walls that prevent you hit the road, make a blend of beautiful and useful, let we introduce you to Berlin!

Festival of light, which is held every year in Berlin, makes this city the most appealing cities in Germany at this time of year. Tourists from all over the world then flock to Berlin, which at the time of the festival looks spectacular, turning it into a shining metropolis with a myriad of colors, light effects, fireworks… These days in this city, the most important buildings, cultural and historical monuments are converted into real scene of dense of light.


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