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River of Five Colors

Have you ever wanted to step into the real impressionist painting? In Colombia, it is possible! And if you see an unusual river full of vibrant colors, which they say is one of the most beautiful rivers in the world. Five colors that characterize this river make it a world famous and many people describe it as a river that ran away from paradise.

Cano Cristales river is full of color due to algae and mosses that grow in it. Color of the river depends on the season and the amount of water. Here you can create a beautiful travel photos that will delight your Friends. In the rainy season the river is swift and deep, and the plants in it are not receiving enough light. In times of drought there is not enough water for their livelihood. Therefore, most of the Cano Cristales indistinguishable from other rivers. Clear water then flows into numerous rapids and falls in large and small waterfalls over rocks covered so plain and dull green moss.

But in the interim period between the rainy and dry season water level in the river just enough to many species of algae bloom in spectacular colors. The river then you can find a veritable explosion of thousands of shades of yellow, red, green, blue and black. This spectacle lasts for several weeks, from September to November.

The most beautiful river in the world, it is slightly less than 100 kilometers wide and 20-meters. It is situated on the mountain Macarena (National Park Serrania de la Macarena). The nearest town is La Macarena which you can reach by air in the organization of many Colombian tourist agencies. From the center of an organized tourist group moves to the river.

The most picturesque part of the river is five colors in the wild jungle and it does not lead to the road. Adventurers will find their way on foot or riding a horse or mule, which alone makes this adventure extra exciting.

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