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Abandoned Cinema Left To The Storms Of The Sinai Desert

An incredible project, an open theater deep in the heart of the Egyptian Sinai desert, built in the beginning of this millennium, found and photographed by Estonian Kaupo Kikkas. The creator of this wonderful idea for whom is believed to be rich cinephile Frenchman, is mysteriously disappeared.

This abandoned Cinema, left to the storms of the Sinai Desert was designed and built by an unknown Frenchman, at the beginning of this millennium.

It is suspected that local Egyptians and government officials were not too sympathetic to the wealthy Frenchman, and its magnificent cinephile ideas.

Kikkas says he failed to reveal identity of this Frenchman, but local residents say that he was indebted to realize his idea, and this is why he disappeared.

“If you suspect that this is another internet scam, take a look at this cinema from satellite” said Kikkas.

If you are near the Egyptian Sinai desert this place you should definitely visit. Photos of this place would surely become your favorite pictures from your travels, because this place is magical and definitely unique and unusual!

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